Dissolve your fat cells non-surgically with lipolysis injections!

Preston Skin Medicine and Beauty Clinic, Cincelar+ Mesotherapy Skin Boosters Injectables, Product for fat cells dissolving


Abdomen, face, thighs

Procedure Duration

45-60 min per area


1-3 treatments at intervals of 3-6 weeks


Topical if required

Results last for


Recommended for

Age 25+



What are Lipolysis Injections

non invasive, non surgical, natural and safe

Injection lipolysis also called lipodissolve is minimally invasive and currently the most modern method of body contouring in the field of aesthetic medicine, intended for both men and women. This is a good solution primarily for people with excess adipose tissue who struggle with complexes related to minor flaws of their figure.

Injection lipolysis is a natural chemical process in the human body. During injection lipolysis, adipose tissue is eliminated by administering injections of a substance that dissolves the fat cells. Controlled and deliberate slight inflammation of adipose tissue occurs at the injection sites. The fats released from the cells go into the blood and are transported to the liver, where they are broken down and then excreted from the body.

The injection lipolysis procedure takes place under local anaesthesia. The important thing is that the patient does not have to prepare for it. Our patients can continue with normal activities and in fact, we recommend resuming usual exercise regimes post injection.

Swelling and redness may appear after the injection, sometimes there is also slight bruising after being punctured with a needle. The areas of the body treated sometimes become more sensitive to pressure and touch, patients may also feel slight pain or itching of the skin. However, this reaction usually lasts for a few days after the procedure and gradually subsides. To alleviate these symptoms, painkillers and antihistamines are used.

Many patients see a noticeable difference in the amount of fat literally “melted away” from the very first session.

The procedure takes up to 60 minutes on average, depending on the part of the body to which the product is administered. To achieve the expected results, it is recommended to perform a series of 3-6 treatments repeated every 4 weeks. A nice complement to the therapy is a lymphatic massage, which accelerates the removal of fat from cells.

Injection Lipolysis

what are the effects?

Performing a series of injection lipolysis treatments allows for a loss of up to 4-5 cm in the circumference in the place where the product was injected. If the amount of adipose tissue is small, even two or three treatments are enough to achieve the expected results.

Injection lipolysis reduces the circumference of the abdomen, thighs, double chin, or other parts of the body where the number of fat cells is too high according to the patient.

Preston Skin Medicine and Beauty Clinic, Cincelar+ Mesotherapy Skin Boosters Injectables, Product for fat cells dissolving

4 Main Benefits

Fast Recovery

Unlike traditional liposuction, an Injection Lipolysis boasts a relatively quick recovery process

Predictable Results

The state-of-the-art technology involved in an Injection Lipolysis makes it easy to predict the results of the procedure

Minimally Invasive

As the fat deposits are broken down using a specific injection formula, the procedure merely requires a very minor incision

Durable Results

If your weight does not fluctuate much following the procedure, the results of an Injection Lipolysis can last for the rest of your life

Other Lipolysis Benefits

  • loss of a few cm in circumference at the injection site,
  • faster skin cell metabolism
  • better microcirculation
  • stimulation of skin regeneration
  • better skin nourishment

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Lipolysis Products

we use for body fat reduction

Preston Skin Medicine and Beauty Clinic, Cincelar+ Mesotherapy Skin Boosters Injectables, Product for fat cells dissolving
Cincelar Plus – (body and face) A hit on the market of medicine and aesthetic cosmetology. It overtakes all products that have been on the market for several years, thanks to its innovative formula.

Cincelar Plus welcomes a new era for lipolysis treatments. Deoxycholic acid, the main ingredient of Cincelar Plus, is an element found in the human body, mainly used to emulsify fat. Deoxycholic acid is a fat-dissolving substance approved by the US FDA and human bile acid, a metabolic by-product of human gut bacteria. Deoxycholic acid in the human body is used to emulsify fats that are absorbed in the intestine.

The fat removal effect of Cincelar Plus is due to the destruction of fat cells, not their shrinkage, it is semi-permanent and there is no yo-yo effect.

Cincelar Plus stimulates fibroblasts that produce collagen, remove fat, and improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin. The product is manufactured in accordance with the principles of GMP. For the face, it shapes and sharpens the jaw line while reducing hamster cheeks and the double chin.

Unlike PPC, the chance of a reaction to soya is more than unlikely. It does not plump the skin – it firms it.
The only product fortified with vitamin B12

Main Cincelar Plus Benefits:
  • immediate fat burning effect
  • reduction of unnecessary lipids and fat on the face or body
  • natural and sharp jawline
It is recommended that the treatment is performed in series of 1-3 treatments with an interval of 3-6 weeks.The treatments are safe and require no preparation or recovery time.Individually selected treatment protocols!

Lipolysis Indications

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Injection lipolysis is recommended for patients who:

  • do not qualify for surgical liposuction,
  • struggle with skin distortion after liposuction,
  • the amount of fat to be reduced is not significant and is only found on a small, specific area of the body,
  • are wanting to get rid of clear cellulite,
  • having lipomas
  • have folds of fat on the abdomen
  • have a double chin
  • are combatting cellulite
  • want to reduce excess body fat in selected parts of the body

Before the treatment

  • The treatment does not require any special preparations.
  • The procedure will normally be preceded by an in-depth medical interview.
  • Chemical peels and strong cosmetic products should not be used in the area where the treatment will be performed for a few days before the treatment
  • You should not drink alcohol 48 hours before the procedure
  • Avoid strong heating of the body before the treatment (solarium, saunas, direct sunlight)

After the treatment

  • For 4 days, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, or warm-up treatments.
  • It is recommended to use SPF 50 sunscreen creams
  • As with most of our cosmetic treatments, we recommend that you avoid vigorous exercise for 7 days following your procedure, we give up using the sauna, swimming pool, gyms, hot baths, solariums, and other places of a large group of people
  • Chemical peels and strong cosmetic products should not be used in the area where the treatment will be performed for a few days after the treatment
  • You should not drink alcohol for 24 hours
  • Make-up should not be done for 48 hours to prevent infection
  • It is important to strictly follow the rules of hygiene: dry your face with disposable towels, tone the skin, keep make-up brushes, and sponges clean, regularly change bath and hand towels, avoid touching your face, replace clean sheets for the post-treatment period.

Possible side effects

  • Mild swelling in the area of application
  • Slight redness and small injection marks
  • Mild bruising due to skin pricking
  • Erythema, itching, irritation
  • All forms of allergic reactions to the products used during the treatment

Lipolysis Before & After

Preston Skin Medicine and Beauty Clinic, Cincelar+ Mesotherapy Skin Boosters Injectables, Product for fat cells dissolving

Lipolysis Contraindications

  • below 18 years old
  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • allergy / hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the products
  • hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections, skin inflammation
  • active herpes, i.e., viral lesions
  • severe forms of acne requiring pharmacological treatment
  • blood coagulation disorders
  • use of anticoagulant drugs
  • skin allergies
  • high susceptibility to allergies
  • damaged and irritated skin
  • connective tissue diseases
  • tendency to develop hypertrophic scars
  • tendency to develop keloids
  • sunburn
  • discontinuity of the epidermis
  • decompensated diabetes
  • neoplastic and autoimmune diseases
  • use of immunosuppressive drugs
  • use of corticosteroids (6-8 weeks)
  • oral therapy with retinoids, derivatives of vitamin a (at least 6 months break)
  • condition after surgery at the site of surgery (up to 2 months)
  • multiple melanocytic marks, numerous telangiectasias
  • condition after cryotherapy (up to 6 months)
  • skin cancers, including undergoing radiation therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • mental disorders, lack of cooperation
  • oral, long-term steroid therapy
  • psoriasis


An important element for qualification is BMI not exceeding 25.

Your practitioner will numb the area locally for you prior to making any injections, so you’ll feel very little pain or discomfort. As with any needle procedure or injection, there is a risk of redness, bruising or swelling afterwards – but this is completely normal with Injection Lipolysis.

As with all injection procedures, hematomas may appear at the injection site after lipolysis.

The treatment causes the process of destroying fatty cells which lasts 1-4 weeks. After a series of treatments advised by your practitioner, if your weight does not fluctuate much, the results will be permanent.

However, it should always be remembered that the injection lipolysis procedure is not an alternative to liposuction. It is suitable for people who are slightly overweight or normal weight. It helps to get rid of unwanted, extremely difficult to get rid of "local fat". It perfectly complements the diet, drainage treatments and physical exertion.
The length of an Injection Lipolysis treatment depends upon the thickness of fat being treated. However, on average, an Injection Lipolysis takes approximately 60 minutes to perform per area.
In essence, both Lipolysis and Liposuction utilise completely different approaches to achieve the same results. While both procedures conclude with the reduction of unwanted fat, they both attain these results in different ways. Whereas an Injection Lipolysis utilises a non-invasive approach, a Liposuction procedure involves the surgical removal of localised fat via gentle injection through small, hidden access points.
Ultimately, the results depend upon the thickness of fat that the patient would like to treat. Most patients require a series of 1 to 3 treatments, with each treatment being separated by approximately 3-6 weeks.
The process is very safe and has been used for years. The cells are broken down and their components are eliminated by the body’s efficient metabolism without affecting your blood profile, cholesterol, or general health.
Patients should refrain from taking part in certain activities like massages, saunas or general sports and exercise for 3-4 days post treatment. Additionally, for some patients, albeit very rarely, a hardening of the skin known as deep Hematoma bruising, may occur, but this should disappear 2-6 weeks after treatment. That being said, Injection Lipolysis is largely seen as a low-risk procedure and your practitioner will provide a thorough assessment to ensure minimal pain and side-effects during and after treatment.

Treat your fat with affordable injectable solution!

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